It is the purpose of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 to ensure that every seafarer has the right to:

  1. A safe and secure workplace that complies with safety standards
  2. Fair terms of employment
  3. Decent working and living conditions on board ship; and
  4. Health protection, medical care, welfare measures and other forms of social protection


The Maritime Labour Convention came into force worldwide on 20th August 2013.


SKN has promulgated legislation to bring MLC 2006 into effect. The enabling legislation is the Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention, 2006) Regulations 2013.


The documents available on this website should assist shipowners in complying with their obligations. They are not meant to be exhaustive and the MLC Regulations take primacy at all times. It is hoped, however, that the contents of the Maritime Circular MC/51/13 will assist all concerned with their understanding and implementation of MLC 2006 and the approaches taken by SKN towards its implementation. Maritime Circular MC/51/13 will be updated as necessary in the light of development of MLC 2006 and operational experience.


SKANReg Procedure for Maritime Labour Convention


Refer to Maritime Circular MC/51/13 for detailed instructions.


In brief:


Shipowners should make a formal application, through their Maritime Registrar, to SKANReg on Application Form A25, which can be downloaded from this website, for a ship specific Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (DMLC) Part I. A FEE WILL BE PAYABLE FOR THIS.


A ship's specific DMLC Part I will be issued by SKANReg as an electric (emailed) A4 sized PDF document. This will be emailed to the shipowner/manager/Maritime Registrar as appropriate. A hard copy will not be issued in normal circumstances.


In order to prepare the vessel for an initial MLC 2006 inspection, the shipowners/managers should complete the DMLC Part II which is available on the website. Shipowners should be guided by the sample in Appendix B5-1 to the MLC 2006 and may wish to seek guidance from the RO.


DMLC Part II prepared by the shipowners/managers should be submitted together with the ship specific DMLC Part I to the Recognised Organisation for review and acceptance of DMLC Part II.


Requirements for further surveys (interim/renewal), change of flag, change of class etc. are included in Maritime Circular MC/51/13.


Information For Other Maritime Administrations


SKANReg office acts of the focal point for the competent authority for receipt of certificates and documents upon change of flag as per Regulation 5.1.3 Guideline B5.1.3 of the Convention. Maritime Administrations should therefore send documents and certificates to SKANReg office at the time of change of flag and may approach the International Registrar for information/documents and certificates if a St. Kitts & Nevis ship reflags to their Administration.




  1. Maritime Circular MC/51/13 - Procedures for MLC Certification
  2. Text of Maritime Labour Convention, 2006
  3. Resolutions of ILO-ILC 94th Session
  4. ILO FAQ's
  5. Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention, 2006) Regulations 2013
  6. Application for a Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part I, Form A25
  7. Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part I
  8. Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part II
  9. Maritime Labour Certificate
  10. Interim Maritime Labour Certificate
  11. ILO 'Guidelines for Flag State Inspections under MLC, 2006'
  12. Checklist for accommodation of existing ships
  13. Table of Shipboard Working Arrangements
  14. Form of Records of Hours of Rest
  15. Ship Master's Report Form for Medical Information
  16. Model of on-board Complaint handling procedures
  17. WHO Medical Guide for Ships, 3rd Edition
  18. Maritime Declaration of Health
  19. WHO International Health Regulations, Guide to Ship Sanitation, 3rd Edition
  20. Notice re Meeting of Experts to Adopt Guidelines on the Training of Ships' Cooks
  21. Maritime Circular MC/53/13 - MLC Requirements for P+I Clubs Insurers
  22. Maritime Circular MC/54/13 - MLC Procedure When Change Of Class
  23. List of Approved P&I Clubs for MLC Insurance Policies
  24. Document for Guidance, 1985 - Training Guide
  25. Statutory Rules and Orders 17 of 2014











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