We have two methods of applying for seafarer documents:


  1. You can apply online using our online database if you have already received a password and username. This method is currently used by our Maritime Registrars only. If you are a Maritime Registrar and you do not have a username or password, or you have lost your username and password, please contact our Seafarers Department by email on
  2. All other applications, please follow the instructions below.


A Seafarer requiring a Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) or a Certificate of Endorsement (CoE) from St Kitts and Nevis International Ship Registry (SKANReg), shall apply as below:


The following are to be submitted:


  1. Application Form A15 (Application for Seafarers Documents) This Application Form should be downloaded from our website
  2. Copy of passport - showing personal details of Applicant as per those entered on this Application Form
  3. 2 x Passport size photos - with applicants name printed on the reverse. Please see attached link for the standard requirements for these photos -
  4. Valid Medical Fitness Certificate (the medical examination must be carried out no more than 18 months before this application)
  5. Copies of training certificates (if applying for CDC only)
  6. Payment & Proof of payment of fees
  7. Security Awareness Certificate
  8. Any other documentation SKANReg may deem necessary for this application (if requested)


In addition - for Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC)


  1. Current CDC (if requesting renewal/replacement)


In addition - for Certificate of Endorsement (CoE)


  1. Copy of current Certificate of Competency (CoC)
  2. Copy of current additional Endorsement (GMDSS, Tanker, etc) (if applying for this)
  3. Proof of Sea Service - copy of sea service certificates or pages from seamen's book showing personal details and ranks served.
  4. Current CoE (if applying for extension)




  1. All information must be printed in CAPITAL LETTERS in black ink or by typing.
  2. Failure to complete the Application Form fully or submit the required documentation may result in rejection or delays in processing.
  3. Applicants must sign in the box shown, keeping their signature within the box lines.
  4. Passport - This must be a National Passport. If a National Identity Card or Seamen's Passport is submitted, this must be recognised by the issuing authority as a travel document i.e. can be used in lieu of a National Passport.
  5. Applicants may initially submit their application by scanning the Application Form and supporting documents and submitting by email to The original can be forwarded by mail/courier.
  6. All supporting documents submitted must be clear copies and legible.
  7. For an up to date status on the IMO & Whitelist see
  8. Endorsements issued by SKANReg will have the same expiry date as the Certificate Whose recognition they attest, up to a maximum of 5 years.
  9. Applicants for Endorsements, must be in possession of, or have applied for, a St. Kitts & Nevis CDC.
  10. Application Fees will NOT be returned if incorrect information or documentation is submitted.
  11. For more information see the website
  12. Seafarers working on St. Kitts & Nevis fishing vessels are not required to have their Certificates of Competency issued under STCW-F endorsed according to STCW 78 (as amended) but are to apply for CDC.


The applications may be submitted to the office of the Department of Maritime Affairs, Maritime Registrar of St. Kitts & Nevis International Ship Registry for that region or to SKANReg direct . Where applications are made to a Maritime Registrar they shall check the originals and certify the copies as true copies


The Certificate of Endorsement shall only be issued after due verification by St. Kitts and Nevis International Ship Registry (SKANReg), of the authenticity of the documents submitted by the applicant.


If a negative answer regarding the authenticity of a document submitted in support of an application is received from the Administration/Issuing Authority the seafarer will be barred from obtaining an SKN certificate or any endorsement for 10 years from the date of the application and on conviction be liable to a fine according to the applicable provisions of the Merchant Shipping Act Cap. 7.05. SKANReg will inform IMO of such debarring.



Seafarer's may apply to SKANReg for revalidation for their Certificate of Endorsement (CoE) as soon as their Home Country Certificate of Competency (CoC) has been revalidated by the Flag Administration who issue it:


The procedure is as follows:


  1. Submit via a Maritime Registrar (MR) to the Seafarer's Registration Department at SKANReg Head Office, a clear copy (by fax/email) of the revalidated home CoC.
  2. Payment of appropriate fees (Q-Form).
  3. SKANReg will check the validity of the revalidated CoC with the Home Country.
  4. When revalidation is authenticated, SKANReg will authorise the MR to revalidate the CoE on the reverse, with the new expiry date.
  5. MR to sign and stamp reverse of CoE accordingly.
  6. MR will send a copy of reverse of CoE showing revalidation to SKANReg Head Office.
  7. Where the CoC has been reissued by the Home Country with a serial/issue number different to that of the original CoC (this can be in cases where this is the Home Countries policy or a new CoC has been issued for a higher rank) this should be treated as a new application for a CoE.


The process then is as follows:


  1. After checking the application the MR may issue a Certificate of Processing an Endorsement (CPE) and then forward a copy of the CPE and the CoC to the Seafarers Registration Department at SKANReg Head Office.
  2. Payment of appropriate fees (Q-Form).
  3. SKANRegwill check the validity of the revalidated CoC with the Home Country.
  4. When the CoC is authenticated, SKANReg will issue a new CoE and forward to the MR for passing to the seafarer.











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